CMO - Manufacturers of Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies and Recombinant Vaccines using Continous Perfusion

BioVolutions specializes in the manufacturing of gram quantities of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) for toxicity as well as dose ranging studies. Thanks to BioVolutions' innovative continuous biomanufacturing solutions we can manufacture GMP-compliant, high quality monoclonal antibodies faster and cheaper than current in vivo and fed-batch production methods. We can provide clinical as well as research grade material and will work with you from development to manufacturing in a timely fashion.

Gram Quantities of Monoclonal Antibodies

BioVolutions is able to rapidly manufacture gram quantities of high quality monoclonal antibodies at very competitive prices due to its proprietary continuous manufacturing (CM) technology.  Preclinical toxicity as well as dose ranging studies require only gram quantities of monoclonal antibodies. For example, we can rapidly manufacture gram quantities of a human IgG1 with Endotoxin levels less than 0.5 EU/mg protein and greater than 97.5% purity in a few weeks after receipt of your cell line. Call us for a quotation or for more information at 617-401-8030 or email at


Process Development and Scale Up

During cell culture process development, continuous manufacturing conditions are studied and optimized to determine the effects of multiple variables on growth and viability, specific productivity, protein yields, capture chromatography, filtration and impurity levels. Learn more >>

Clinical GMP Manufacturing 

BioVolutions specializes in manufacturing of custom high quality monoclonal antibodies as well as GMP-compliant antibodies for early phase clinical trials through our innovative continuous manufacturing process at highly competitive prices.  Learn more >>